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Our work with communities

Music is for everyone...


Our community concerts help to reduce loneliness, combat rural isolation and enhance wellbeing and community cohesion...and they're free!

Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra is a registered charity. We believe in the profoundly positive impact that music has on mental health - a fact that has been well documented for many years with a wealth of research and data.  Our community concerts reach villages across the county and beyond, and often we partner with other organisations such as Age UK or local community groups.

...wherever they live

Our community concerts give free access to great music for anyone who finds it hard to get to one of the region's major music venues.


Access to professional live music is not always easy, especially if you live in an isolated rural location. Community concerts bring professional musicians into rural communities and places where transport links are poor.

Concerts take place during the daytime and are free! They consist of an hour’s music from a small group of top calibre professional musicians, often with a light lunch or afternoon tea, and are designed to reach elderly, vulnerable and often lonely people, and support mental wellbeing.

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Help us continue this work...

Our community concerts are hugely successful. They bring live orchestral music to people who would otherwise not hear it. The effects always amaze us. People who thought they didn't like classical music are converted, people who were lonely find new friends, and people who are troubled find peace. becoming a Friend or making a donation

Please visit our Support Us page to see how you might be able to help us continue this work. You can become a Friend from just £35. Benefits - which include early booking and special events - are dependent upon the level you choose. We also welcome corporate sponsorship and will tailor packages to help you best promote your business. Find out more here. You can make a donation by clicking on the button below.

Thank you.

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