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Flute Player in Orchestra

Our work with young musicians

A career in music

Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra encourages the most talented young professional musicians. We provide rising stars and prize-winning musicians in the early stages of their careers with opportunities to play in our full orchestral concerts, and we encourage school students who have an interest in and a talent for music.

We work closely with head teachers and music teachers in schools, sometimes coaching students preparing for exams, or mentoring in a workshop environment. Students can sit in with players in their existing orchestra to inspire and encourage, or, in some schools, give relaxed, friendly performances in front of the whole school. This gives lots of opportunity for questions, answers and demonstrations of instruments and musical ideas. 

Young musicians
in concert

Young players who are already well advanced are invited to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with our top professionals during the on-the-day rehearsals for SPO main concerts. They learn how top professionals put together a polished and engaging performance in the limited rehearsal time, and without exception they come away inspired.


Orchestra musicians

The Young Classical Artists Trust

Our long association with the Young Classical Artists Trust - a charity of national standing that manages star soloists during the early years of their professional careers - allows us to provide performance opportunities to some of the most promising and exciting performers.

One young musician

"For a musician at the beginning of their career like me, there are few opportunities to perform with an orchestra, especially one which is of the standard of the Suffolk Philharmonia Orchestra.  With the negative impact of Covid on musicians, opportunities such as this have never been more crucial to ensure that there isn’t a gap between conservatoire study and the ability to make a career out of performing.

"The members of the Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra were so welcoming and generous it made the whole experience even more rewarding."

Comments from a prize-winning pianist who is a rising star on the classical concert circuit. He joined Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra to give a spectacular performance of  Beethoven's Emperor Concerto.

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